Petr Zuska vs Matej Borzik WRESTLING

Petr Zuska vs Matej Borzik WRESTLING

Petr Zuska vs Matej Borzik WRESTLING

Matej Borzik and Petr Zuska came in for a wrestling match. They begin by helping each other with some stretching exercises. After a good warm-up they begin the match and Petr is soon into the swing of things by gaining a submission. Then they each remove their underwear and continue the match naked. They look so good, with their hot bodies entwined and rolling all over the mats as each tries to gain an advanted over the other. It is Petr who prevails in the second round too. But Matej is not about to give up as they start the next round. Petr soon has Matej in a good hold, but Matej responds with a decent neck hold that brings him his first point. It is nice to see the cocks flapping around and the asses spreading naturally as they roll over the mats and every sinew strains trying to succeed. The bodies are always in close contact, rubbing again each other as they seek an advantage. Petr proves himself to have an edge in wrestling as he moves into a healthy lead, despite Matej’s best efforts. He moves to a 6-4 lead before they both take a break of oil each other’s sexy bodies. Petr continues his winning ways when they resume and gains the overall victory. Then they both settle down for a wank off. They wank each other and Matej then leans over and sucks on Petr’s beautiful cock. Not to be outdone Petr then returns the favor. After that they wank their own dicks with Petr soon shooting a nice creamy load. Matej keeps wanking and soon follows suit, delivering his cum as well. They help each other cleaning off the sticky cocks and then go to the shower to clean up.

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