PrideStudios – Break Up Blues (Trey Turner & Fernando Del Rio)

PrideStudios – Break Up Blues (Trey Turner & Fernando Del Rio)

Trey Turner & Fernando Del Rio - Break Up Blues

Trey has just got into another argument with his boyfriend. His man thinks he is cheating on him rather than going to the gym. No matter how many times Trey tries to reassure him that he is not cheating on him his man just never gives up on it. Trey hangs up and heads into the gym and after he puts his gear away in the locker he notices one last text from his boyfriend. The text is no good and Trey’s boyfriend has just broken up with him over text, no face to face just a long text. Trey is devastated and is lost in this thoughts when Fernando comes walking into the gym. He sees how bummed out Trey is and tries to find out what’s wrong. Trey tells him what has happened and Fernando preys on this new found opportunity. They slowly make eye contact as Fernando gently rubs Trey. His puppy eyes look straight into Fernando’s and after that moment the two begin to passionately kiss. The kissing frenzy leads into some wet nasty blow jobs by both of them. Trey is a lover as he bends Fernando over to penetrate his tight eager ass. Trey goes deep but slow being every so passionate as he pleases Fernando like never before. Trey has him on his back and his load erupts all over his chest which sends Fernando over the edge in a frantic explosive ending with cum shooting in all directions. Surprised how big of a load he just let loose Trey notices that Fernando is married.

Duration: 33mn 14s 862ms Length: 479 MiB
Video: AVC at 1 800 Kbps, 960 x 544
Audio: AAC at 192 Kbps, 44.1 KHz

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