RagingStallion – Men of Madrid – Mario Domenech And Viktor Rom

RagingStallion – Men of Madrid – Mario Domenech And Viktor Rom


Horned up Mario Domenech was planning for a warm hookup, but in the last second his technique cancels. The friend Viktor Rom of Mario jokes, teasing Mario for his misfortune. But juiceis a bitch the hookup of Viktor cancels also! ‘ What’ requires Mario. ‘ appears like you ‘ll be fucked by me,’ says Viktor. Their beards stroke together because they push on their lips together, and Viktor prods the pit having a hand of Mario. They remove about the porch; Mario rubs against his body, heavy penis, and fat nips. Viktor provides his huge penis to obtain drawn and shows his statuesque system. Pushing the rear of Mario’s throat along, Viktor ensures his penis that is girthy gets drawn completely towards the balls. His tongue operates beneath the foreskin of Viktor, with Viktor utilizing his teeth after which they deal locations. Mario advances Viktor dives and his butt in together with his language. As Viktor drenches his gap in throw saliva drips down Mariois balls. With the ass lubed-up of Mario, Viktor employs his beast penis to extend the pit of Mario large. Viktoris muscled torso and heavy hands fat as Mario backs up his butt. Viktor fucks quicker and faster, harder and tougher. Lying about the table, Mario reduces along herself on the huge device to get a crazy trip of Viktor. As he slams down onto Viktor’s penis Mario’s pit exercises broad. Mario’s body drinks using the energy of his huge climax as his large weight blasts everywhere. Exhausted, he starts his mouth and leans back about the table.

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