RedHotLatinos – Felix Cohn & Leandro Braston

RedHotLatinos – Felix Cohn & Leandro Braston


Leandro Braston is the teacher and his pupil Felix Cohn has come to talk to him in the classroom. Leandro just can’t seem to stop staring at his mouth. Powerful, passionate, kisses. He holds his head. Hot fucking chemistry. Extensive makeout scene. Leandro’s plump mouth has a red, swollen tongue and the kissing continues. Jacking each others hot cocks. Finally Felix drops to his knees and Leandro fills up his mouth. Begging for the dick of this Adonis, he goes hands free while Leandro fucks his mouth. Felix stand in Front of Leandro who grips his waist while he pounds him so good. He wraps his arm around his chest and nuzzles his neck while he is deep inside him. Time to tongue that little ass so he can pound it again.

Felix bends over the chair taking it. Now it’s time for him to get on top. He perches like a bird and rides Leandro’s hot dick. Kissing and cupping his face while he fills up his wet hole. He rides him with his uncut dick pressed against his chest. Leandro grabs hips and shoulder and squeezes his ass. Leandro picks Felix up and fucks his ass holding him in the air. Time to sit in front of the chalkboard while teacher jacks off his hammer head cock. Rock hard Leandro covers him in cum. What has Felix learned? He plays with his uncut dick until spooge oozes out and covers everything in cream.

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