RubHim – What an HOMBRE! – Rick McCoy & Robert Axel –...

RubHim – What an HOMBRE! – Rick McCoy & Robert Axel – Massage


Wassup guys??? Perfect body is not the word to describe this man physique…. I mean the minute he took his shirt off, I got extremely impatient and didn t want to bother with the massage and wanted to go straight for the kill… But you know how life works right? YOU GOTTA WORK HARD FOR THE THINGS YOU REALLY WANT!!!! AND I REALLY WANTED THIS DUDE!!!! I massaged his perfect body and made a few unsuccessful attempts at playing with his manhole. After a while, they seem to loosen up a bit. That when I make my move. I sucked his cock real good and man it was a moment of glory. I drilled right through his perfect little body nice and slow..

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