Sean Cody – Sean & Graham

Sean Cody – Sean & Graham

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We didn’t tell Graham whom he was going to be doing a film with, so when he showed up on set he saw Sean and started laughing. “I’ve seen that thing! I’m not sure I can take that!” Graham was talking about Sean’s massive dick. These two had a great time on set and really pushed Grahams limits. “It was awesome. I think it may be the best sex I have ever had.” “Are you serious?” Graham wasn’t kidding. “I’ve never had anyone shove a jock in my face while they fuck me or slap my face with my own load. Yeah that was by far the best sex I have ever had!” Sean came back this time with a full chest of hair. “I usually shave it off. I’m getting mixed reviews. I might keep it. I might get rid of it. Who knows?” Hopefully Sean keeps it, because he looks great with a hairy chest.

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