Session 291 (Master Kirk And Master Joseph)

Session 291 (Master Kirk And Master Joseph)

Session 291 Master Kirk And Master Joseph

Masters Joseph and Kirk return to humiliate and damage this pathetic new sub.
The snarling, vicious Masters find the sub completely nude and squirming on the floor. They’ve been boxing so are wearing boxing gloves and shorts. They proceed to tie up the runt with ropes and thrash him with a belt before ordering him to lick clean their sweaty feet.
Using his mouth, he pulls down the shorts of the Masters before Master Kirk finds his power-fucking dildo which he harshly pounds into the sub’s loose hole. This makes the sub groan with pain as Master Joseph rams his hardening dick deep into his mouth to shut him up. The two tops switch positions and both have their dicks sucked by the defeated worm.

Duration: 26mn 52s 904ms Length: 477 MiB
Video: VC-1 at 2 411 Kbps, 960 x 540
Audio: WMA at 64.0 Kbps, 44.1 KHz

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