Sex Scene – AmateursDoIt – 4-Way Harvey, Hunter, Leo & Levi

Sex Scene – AmateursDoIt – 4-Way Harvey, Hunter, Leo & Levi


The Amazing foursome head into the bedroom to get to the serious action. It is a heap of man beef on the mattress as they reverse and change Positions to be sure everybody’s penis is getting sucked. When the four Stand up and compare cocks you may see that we are working with a Butcher’s filled with prime cuts.

For the new man Harvey is sucking Dick like an expert – that he deepthroats Leo’s big one causing Leo to lie back And moan with pure joy. All fours while Leo and Levi prepare to fuck their nice asses.

Harvey Gets an ass full of Leo’s penis – he flips him round the bed in many Hunter enjoys of life! It seems too fucking great and Hunter abruptly squeals Harvey’s next to dismiss however, Leo needs more ass.

Levi lays stroking his penis while Leo fucks his buttocks and Another watch on. That does the trick and also both blow huge heaps Over every other. Break out the energy beverages – which was epic!

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