Sex Scene – AmateursDoIt – Harvey & Randy

Sex Scene – AmateursDoIt – Harvey & Randy


Following This episode we’re going to give Harvey a new nickname – Deepthroat! Randy can barely contain his erect penis in his footy shorts And Harvey promises he’ll look after it. And boy does he that Big American cock goes all of the way down Harvey’s throat.

Randy Off the end of his enormous cock the entire scene looks even hotter. They well.

a bit hesitant but Randy promises he’ll enjoy it. Harvey takes that Cock and the pounding that ensues as any fantastic bottom would. Randy is loving fucking him and buries his dick in deeper and deeper. They spin onto their sides and Randy spanks Harvey as he keeps fucking him.

“Fucking pound it” Harvey begs and Randy needs no more encouragement and buries his cock deep with long hard strokes. Randy pulls out and jerks off til he cums all over Harvey. It’s then Harvey’s turn and with a little tweaking he cums all over himself!

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