Sex Scene – AmateursDoIt – Jonny & Jett – Part two

Sex Scene – AmateursDoIt – Jonny & Jett – Part two


course. Jett spins Jonny round and yells down his ass crack. As he Rubs it he hands his hole teasing it lightly. Then he gets Jonny’s

Bent on the counter top Jonny eventually gets Jett’s cock into his light ass.

It is Time to move the activity to the bedroom where they begin by sucking each Jonny climbs Along with Jett shoving his cock deep within his ass.

It has been Sometime because Jett has cum when he inform Jonny to flip over – Jonny Seems him in the eye to prepare for the cum explosion that is about to Struck his face. He licks the cum towards the Conclusion of Jett’s toenails and cock it Off his face and licks his palms it tastes really great.

Now it is Jonny’s twist – and finally both are invested and blissfully satisfied.

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