Sex Scene – RagingStallion – Gun Show – Tristan Jaxx & Daymin...

Sex Scene – RagingStallion – Gun Show – Tristan Jaxx & Daymin Voss


Gay gun Vendor Daymin Voss is Operating a Stall in the gun show when Tristan Wants to purchase something for self-defense however does not know Much about having a gun. Daymin shows him how to maintain it and if Tristan is holding up the weapon, Daymin comes up . The signature Of Daymin’s enormous manly hand on his side which makes Tristan receive a wake up at his Pants and the 2 studs begin to make out. Daymin gets out the stranger Of his top before peeling off his very own. The odor of Daymin’s manhood Is greater than Tristan can manage and he goes into worship The session pushes Tristan crazy and he gets Daymin loves dick his pants. cock. Friend he’s going to open his ass for him. him out. When Tristan is convinced that Daymin is good and opened up, he stands and slips his hard cock deep inside. He gives Daymin a pounding that the stud won’t soon forget and stretches him even further with each thrust. Daymin begs for Tristan to go deeper and grunts harder the further in Tristan gets. Tristan’s pelvis slaps against Daymin’s bubble butt as skin hits skin. Both studs switch it up more than once and finally settle with the gun dealer on his back getting plowed. Tristan increases his intensity to get himself closer and plugs away as Daymin begs for him not to stop. Daymin yells out: ‘Dude, you’re so fucking deep!’ as his cock explodes and varnishes his hairy body with a thick layer of cum. Tristan is happy to have given so much pleasure and pulls his cock out of Daymin’s tight hole to blast his own load of cream. It’s a real gusher, and it covers Daymin’s bush and stomach with a seemingly never-ending barrage of squirts. Daymin can’t believe his eyes and feels lucky to be covered in so much jizz!

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