SouthernStrokes – Joey Vox & Damien – Hot Sex Scen

SouthernStrokes – Joey Vox & Damien – Hot Sex Scen


After spending the weekend getting fucked by every boy at the Ranch, we promised Damien that he would get to top before he headed home. We gave Damien his choice of the boys and of course he picked Joey Vox. First words out of Joey’s mouth “I should have brought my A Game with I fucked Damien yesterday.

First off let me just say that these two fucked for over two hours. Damien has this thing about sweating when he is having sex. If the sex is good enough that he works up a sweat, then it just sends him over the top. Lets just say that these two worked up more than a sweat.

After a good round of 69 (Joey’s favorite for all you fans), Damien put Joey on his stomach and slid his big uncut cock into Joey’s tight hole. Joey tensed up and gripped the mattress as Damien’s manhood pried open Joeys waiting hole. After a few good breaths, Joey settled in and let Damien go at it.

Joey decided that he wanted to go for a ride so he sat on Damien’s hard cock and worked it with his muscled ass. Joey’s sweaty body bucked as he took Damien’s cock balls deep bringing a new meaning to the term “lap dance”. These nasty sweaty southern boys weren’t done, after there sweaty fuck session, Joey took Damien’s load in his mouth and then shared it with his new best friend.

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