STR8Hell – Martin And Peter RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY

STR8Hell – Martin And Peter RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY


Martin Gajda is in charge of Airport Security today and Peter Andre is sent in to see him. Martin questions Peter and has him sign a form, prior to inspecting his luggage. Everything seems fine with the luggage so now Martin has to search Peter in person. He Begins to feel all over Peter’s body and then overpowers him, gagging his mouth and pulling his pants down before bending him over the table. Martin seems to think that Peter is a terrorist and is concerned to show him how he deals with them. Martin pulls his stiff cock out of his pants and shoves it in Peter’s mouth, making him suck in. As Peter is made to suck that big, hard cock Martin strips completely. Then he goes to check out Peter’s sexy ass. He rubs his nightstick up and down the ass crack and then does the same with his stiff dick. He then shoves his dick deep into Peter’s ass making him moan as he feels the cock fucking his tight hole. That cock slams in and out of the ass fucking it deep. Martin’s fucking speeds up and he spanks the ass too as he takes his pleasures. He turns Peter over to fuck him some more. Peter wanks his own cock as his ass gets pounded hard. That thick cock really stretches Peter’s hole and his cock throbs in his hand as he wanks and shoots his hot load all over his shirt. That sends Martin over the edge and he pulls out to shoot his cum over Peter’s ass.

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