Str8Hell – Miro Matejka vs Kolja Muskanec – WRESTLING

Str8Hell – Miro Matejka vs Kolja Muskanec – WRESTLING


Miro Matejka and Kolja Muskanec are paired up for a submission wrestling match. Then start, in just underwear, doing some stretching and warming up. Then it is on with the match. Soon they are rolling all over the mats, grappling to get a hold on each other. Kolja is the first to gain and advantage and wins the first round. Then it is off with the underwear and the guys wrestling naked. Asses spread and cocks flair as each tries to gain a good hold on the other. It takes a while and lots of effort but Miro wins round two and then the third as well. No quarter is given as each guy tries his best to get the upper hand. A lot of effort and much sweating gains Miro a 7-4 lead as they take a break to oil each other all over. Then the match resumes and it is Miro who manages to claim a hard fought victory. Then they settle down for a wank off. The wank each other for a while as well. Miro is the first to cum, moaning loudly as he does so. Kolja keeps wanking and he soon delivers his hot load too. The help each other to clean up and then go off to the shower.

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