THE CALLING Part 1 (President Nelson, Elder White)

THE CALLING Part 1 (President Nelson, Elder White)

Elder White wPresident Nelson - The Calling, Part 1

Elder White’s cute face, winning smile and evident goodness have endeared him to the other missionaries and to the mission leaders alike, and everyone is sure he’ll be an important church leader one day – maybe even a General Authority.

He has been a full-time missionary for many months, and he is rising quickly through the ranks, earning the trust and love of his companions, and the respect of the mission leadership.

But just when he thinks he has figured out Mormon missionary life, another Elder tells him that the church is secretly run by a group of men known as The Order.

Elder White doesn’t believe him, but as the days pass he becomes more and more curious. The way the missionary had looked at him was really unsettling, as if there were even darker secrets that he wasn’t revealing.

So Elder White confronts the boy and asks him to tell him everything about The Order. But the other missionary is unwilling.

“The only way to find out,” he says, “is to go through the initiation yourself.”

This is not a casual comment. The Order has been interested in handsome Elder White since he arrived, and they extend an invitation for the boy to come to the mission home and begin the process.

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