UKNakedMen – Redefining Fun Times – Woody Fox & James Longhill

UKNakedMen – Redefining Fun Times – Woody Fox & James Longhill


Don’t blame me for the appalling lighting…

From the site: “You know how they always say, “Be careful what you wish for?” Well, in so many instances, it’s quite true. And if you don’t believe us, just ask American hottie James Longhill. He’s new in town, in fact, just arrived in London. Thinking nothing could possibly happen to him, James asks a perfect stranger for a recommendation on something fun to do. Said stranger, Woody Fox, agrees to show him a “fun” time. But is it what James had in mind? You be the judge as he squirms, hard as a rock, under the control of Woody’s expert hands. From spanking to nipple play and everything in between, the definition of fun is so defined for James, as getting his face fucked, his hole played with, then stuffed and pounded full of hard Aussie cock. So the next time you ask a stranger a question, be careful what you wish for. Or, at the very least, be specific on the type of fun you’re looking for or you just might wind up like James, gagged, roped, and royally fucked!

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