WH – Jirka Mendez & Tomas Decastro RAW – FULL CONTACT

WH – Jirka Mendez & Tomas Decastro RAW – FULL CONTACT

WH – Jirka and Tomas RAW – FULL CONTACT – Jirka Mendez & Tomas Decastro

Jirka Mendez and Tomas Decastro are two very hot guys. They are enjoying each other’s company, with Jirka Massaging Tomas’ shoulders. He bares Tomas’ chest and they begin to kiss. Then Jirka’s hot chest is on show too. Soon Tomas’ jeans are down and his throbbing cock is deep in Jirka’s eager mouth. Jirka loves to suck and does a great job on that cock. Then he loses his pants and climbs over Tomas to 69. Tomas shows that he loves some dick too as he sucks on Jirka’s hard one. Tomas is keen for more that sucking though and offers up his ass for some rimming. Jirka oblibges, tongueing and fingering the hot hole. Then he slides his throbbing cock deep into that ass. Tomas takes that dick so well and turns onto his back to be fucked missionary style. Jirka fucks deep and hard as Tomas wanks himself. It doesn’t take long before Tomas is shooting his cum and then Jirka pulls out of that sexy ass and deposits his hot cream on Tomas too. After enjoyng a hot session the pair of them go off to the shower to clean up.

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