WilliamHiggins – Dusan And Mirek – Screen Test RAW

WilliamHiggins – Dusan And Mirek – Screen Test RAW


Dusan Polanek was keen to do a screentest, so we paired him with Mirek Belan. Mirek interviews Dusan as they sit on the bed and then they kiss. Mirek then helps Dusan off with his tee shirt and they start to feel each other’s bodies as they kiss again. Mirek then kisses over Dusan’s body and opens his shorts to get access to his cock. The cock is swollen already as Mirek takes it in his mouth for sucking. Dusan pushes his shorts off to give better access to his hard cock. Mirek sucks on it, licking up and down the shaft too. He sucks the balls too and his head bobs up and down on the cock. Then Mirek gets his own cock out, it is already hard, and Dusan goes right down on it. He wraps his lips around the head and sucks, slapping it against his mouth too. Then they move to 69, both sucking and wanking on the stiff dicks. Dusan sits up and Mirek slides his hot ass down on the waiting cock. He rides up and down on Dusan’s rock hard dick, going right down to the balls. Then he holds his ass still and Dusan fucks his dick up into the eager hole . Keeping the cock in his ass Mirek turns around on it, wanking his own stiff dick as Dusan fucks him. Then Mirek lays on the bed with Dusan’s dick deep inside him, fucking him deep and hard. Mirek wanks himself as Dusan keeps up his deep fucking. Mirek’s wanking speeds up, and his balls tighten as the cock shoots its’ creamy load all over the place. Dusan continues to fuck that ass as Mirek milks his cock . His dick slams in and out of the ass until Dusan pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Mirek’s balls and his hole. They then kiss again to end a great screentest.

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