WilliamHiggins – Petr vs Peter – WRESTLING – Peter Andre & Petr...

WilliamHiggins – Petr vs Peter – WRESTLING – Peter Andre & Petr Plodner


Petr Plodner and Peter Andre are brought together in a submission wrestling match. They look evenly matched, in terms of build and are quickly into the match after shaking hands. The first round is over quickly, with Peter taking the point. Then they remove their underwear to wrestle naked for the rest of the match. Rolling over the mats they grapple with each other to gain a decent hold and Peter doesn’t take long to gain another score. As the roll around, getting to grips with each other we get to see the sexy asses spreading to show their holes. Peter continues to score well, despite the best efforts of Petr, taking round three too. He refuses to relent even when Petr gets a good hold on him and soon has a great hold that shows Petr wonderfully as he lays on top of him, legs spread and dick between them. It seems that Peter is going to have an easy victory but Petr recovers to get some points on the board by the time they take a break to oil each other, at 3 – 6. But on resuming the wrestling Peter continues his wiining ways and runs out the victor at 10 – 4. Then they settle down for a wank off with Petr quickly getting his cock big and hard. They wank each other briefly and then go back to wanking themselves. Petr’s big cock is first to shoot a creamy load. Then Peter’s dick releases its’ cum too. Then they each clean off the other’s sticky cock as the video ends.

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