WilliamHiggins – Vladimir Kruty and Milen Petrof – Screen Test RAW

WilliamHiggins – Vladimir Kruty and Milen Petrof – Screen Test RAW


Vladimir Kruty and Milen Petrof are feeling horny. Stripped to their underwear Vladimir stands behind Milen and rubs oil over him, working on his back and shoulders. Then he reaches round the front too. Milen sits on the sofa and Vladimir kneels to caress his neck and he feels all over that sexy body. Milen reaches back and rubs Vladimir’s thighs too. Milen then lays along the sofa and Vladimir gets access to his cock, pulling it out of the underwear, which he takes off. He wanks and then sucks on Milen’s stiff cock, taking it deep into his throat. He kisses and caresses Milen’s body as he keeps wanking and sucking on his dick. Then he sucks the balls as well. Vladimir’s cock is rock hard too and he wanks it as he sucks Milen who stands up to enjoy it. Then Vladimir lays on the arm of the sofa, legs up, so that Milen’s dick can slip deep into his ass. He moans as Milen fucks his ass hard and fast. Milen’s cock really stretches the hole as it fucks and Vladimir tugs at his own hard cock. He loves the feeling of the dick in his ass and wanks his cock until it erupts with a big, squirting cumshot. Milen is ready to cum too and pulls outso that Vladimir can kneel before him to watch the cum ooze from that big cock. Vladimir takes the spent cock into his mouth to clean it up, sucking the last drops of cum from it. They then go off to the shower to clean up.

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